The Most Common Cause of Failure Is Neglecting To Have Your Septic Tank Pumped On A Regular Basis.

Septic tank systems are very much like people. They need periodic check-up and proper care to remain healthy and function properly. Also like humans, they must have a proper diet and cannot be overindulged without the homeowner suffering dire consequences (repair or replacement).

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Often overlooked or neglected is the fact that a septic tank system should have a regular check-up to prevent problems. The septic tank traps the solids in the wastewater and should be checked to determine whether or not it is time for it to be pumped out.

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If your Georgia home or business uses a septic tank, having a decent understanding of the function of the system is paramount in keeping it in good working order. Many people are not very aware of the process required to make it run correctly and they wait until the last moment to service their septic system and suddenly they end up with toilets that start backing up onto the floor.

The problem we face today is that we are so busy that we often have no time for regular home maintenance, or we simply forget to do it.

septic tankThere are at least two important factors that keep septic tank system running correctly. First it’s important that the bacterial action in the tank be sufficient to break solid matter down on a daily basis. Secondly, since there will gradually be a build-up of sludge in the bottom of the tank it is important not to let this build up to the point that the system fails. When a tank becomes overly filled with sludge or the bacterial action is no longer able to keep up with the requirement to break down solid matter, the sludge and solid matter will start draining into the drainage system of the tank.

This can potentially ruin your drain field – which can be expensive. It will at least plug the pipes leading to the drain field and your drains will start to back up into the house when you flush the toilet, or use your shower or bathtub. There is no place for the waste water to go, so it backs up into the toilet or shower and bath drains. Calling Action Septic Tank Service is the solution you’re looking for. We suggest you do this as a preventive measure, but if you find yourself in an emergency situation we’re there for you! Septic cleaning will give your tank a rest. Waste water and solid matter will gradually fill the tank again, and the bacterial action will have a fresh start and will function properly. Unless your drain field has been damaged, or the drain pipes leading to the drainage field have been plugged, your tank should operate correctly once again.

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